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  1. 04Pfinder, I really wasn't trying to shut you down by telling you to search, and yes, there is such a thing as TMI sometimes! I think maybe you will get more input with more specific questions like "Is this part number the right one for a 2004, I've seen different numbers posted in these threads" type thing. The less homework you make people do will generally get better results... human nature. R50JR, I was simply saying that I recall a discussion about this, and that several people seemed to have issues. Poor installation... a bad batch... these things can happen. Hell, I didn't even have an R50 back then, give me credit for even remembering it 15+ years later. Let me say that I still appreciate the enthusiasm for Pathfinders, and I've obviously done my part here on NPORA. I currently own 3 pathfinders, a 91, a 95 and a 99. My wish is to convert the 91 into a front wheeled drive electric vehicle based on a Nissan Leaf drive train (150hp/180ft/lb stock VS 110hp/210ft/lb EV) that would mainly be used for around the county, the 99 will probably be sold soon (too damn many vehicles), and the 95 I'll keep until it is my coffin. Keep it up guys (and gals), they don't make them like this anymore! B
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  2. Saw the debut video today along with the new Frontier. I like the new Pathfinder design. I really liked the Frontier a bit more tho. I was hoping the Pathy would be a little tougher looking, like the Frontier. Overall, I’m excited for Nissan new lineup and powertrain direction. What do you guys/gals think?
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  3. KYB struts are fine, noone has had a problem with them. There may be some improvement in road manners with the OME, but its incremental & probably imperceptible paired with AC struts; plus they are significantly more expensive. I believe it was [mention=38818]micahfelker[/mention] who experienced a failure with the Moog strut bearing, not KYB. Here was my part list: OEM Replacement Parts Strut Bearing [54325-5V000] $48.54=$24.27x2 Spring Seat [54034-0W000] $45.42=$22.71x2 Bellows & Bump Stop [54050-0W002] $38.86=$19.43x2 Did NOT use: Upper Seat Rubber Bumper (NOT rubber) [54057-0W000] $22.50=$11.25x2 $173.17 ($155.32+$17.85s) infinitipartsdeal.com Wish I had new rubber/plastic to go on the bottom of the spring but I just rotated my old ones since I did not. I believe@hawairish improvised with hose. @02_Pathy & [mention=39745]stpickens[/mention] have excellent examples of 2” lifts; prior to their SFDs. 2” is all you really need & can make a great build. While manual hubs are all the rage, many of us, particularly the ATX14A trucks, are still running autohubs. In a part-time 4x4 truck there is no reason not to install them; but I wouldn’t get hung up on it. If you’re not spacer lifting, keeping it at 2”, & not rock crawling, you’ll probably never need new CVs but if you do, the manual hubs make it possible to replace them without removing the tire. Having owned my truck since new in ‘02 but having just started to refresh it about 4 years ago, you’re in for a treat. Just freshening the suspension alone will make it infinitely more pleasant to drive.
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  4. That's a fantastic way for this story to continue!! Congrats on getting your old rig back. Mine has been scrapped so no hope of that for me... What are your plans with the other Pathy now? I vote for keep it and keep buying more - call it a collection so it sounds fancy.
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  5. So.... Plot Twist.... Going back to my first post, I mentioned the impetus behind this thing was to emulate my old pathy I sold a few years ago.... This one: Well, as soon as I started spending time and money on the white one.... My original car came up for sale... It looks to have been kept in great condition. ... And er.. Well um... I bought it... Over the phone from pics and a walkaround video the seller did for me. I'm excited. Took the Mrs for our first date in this car and my best mate whohelped me build it originally took his own life 12 months ago, so plenty of good memories with the thing. I pick it up in 2 days, 800km round trip.. Will post updates -FGF
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  6. If you’re referring to the plastic bits that wrap around the spring coil, yes you can reuse them. Sent from my Pathfinder
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