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  1. The bolts I use to pull the balancer is a couple of 6x1.0 about 80mm long. I have a couple small fender washers on the head end to keep things from binding in my puller. I simply cut those 2 little rubber hoses at the back and replace them with new on reassembly. My local dealer stocks them and they don't cost much. With the heads, I would have them surfaced and the valve seals replaced at the very least. I would also use new headbolts since they are torque to yield and supposed to be replaced. That said, I did get away with just a new head gasket and bolts on my 1980 280zx when the 2.8L injested about 3L of water and blew out the gasket at #6 while crossing a flooded road.
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  2. That's the spirit, Its already F#*&@% so what are you going to do perhaps F it up worse big deal. I re attached all the coolant lines but ordered all new ones and still had to go down to napa an rummage through their wall of coolant hoses to pick one or two out, I purchased a large piece of gates heater hose to replace the crankcase vent hoses. Blocking the EGR should not cause any runability problems unless you have to pass emissions, even then if it was blocked and all the equipment was there you would probably be ok. Distributor should pop out , just the one bolt holding it in . If you end up needing any top end bits or pieces I have some misc odds and ends laying around.
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  3. I had IronMan Lift springs in my 2000 R50 Pathfinder....the sagged to lower than stock in less than 2 years. Stay away....go with OME
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