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    Howdy fellow Michigan guy! Definitely check the condition of the strut towers and other locations on the underside for corrosion damage. I'm not suggesting all hope is gone if its rusty down there by any means, but you'll definitely want to know what you're up against as you dig back into your project. As far as replacement parts, finding clean ones is tricky in Michigan. Unfortunately due to their resale value these vehicles have become largely disposable, and Michigan road conditions throughout the year don't help that up here. When I had my QX4 I frequently found useable parts at pick-and-pulls in the Grand Rapids area, they all have online inventories with pictures. Here's the 4 I've been to, it may be worth the drive if they've got the parts you need: Weller Self Serve (it's not uncommon for these guys to have 1/2 off days): https://www.wellerselfserve.com/ LKQ Holland: https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Holland-346/recents/ LKQ Grand Rapids: https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Grand_Rapids-348/recents/ Lucky's Self Serve (just opened this year): https://luckyselfserve.com/ I'm in a Toyota now but I know a few Nissan guys in the state, if you ever want to go wheeling let me know!
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    Welcome back! Haven't seen Rob around in a while, unfortunately. Hopefully the R50 guys here can help you find parts and get it back up to speed.
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    My 74 year old friend has been spending all his time in Arizona for some years, He had a 1992 Luxury Edition of the pathfinder, and I doubt it's ever been off the pavement. Last time it was licensed was 2012, and it sat in his garage up here. I bought it from him after he sold his house up here, he was really attached to this car for some reason. The Interior and body are very nice, and it's basically a no rust car, I'd keep it but I have too many rigs now. Runs good, shifts good, I changed the lube oil, coolant, and trans fluid just because I always do that when I get a new rig. 160K miles and it feels like there's a lot of life left. Pictures to follow
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    Welcome to the pathy family! I live in so cal! We've talked on IG but wanted to make it official on here as well! Let's hit up Cleghorn, anza, and big bear! All great trails with different difficulties. I live super close to maple springs truck trail too, if you're ever in the OC area let's link up so I can take you there!

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