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    They are small but sturdy. I'm happy with where its at. No LS swap just to say it lol.. But keeps me busy getting it back to a shine... Paints rough in some areas.. I know the torsion bars have issues but I lucked out on this on, good shape all around just needs TLC.. its just the weather stripping everywhere thats becoming an issue. Hard to find parts..lol
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    I'm not big into the extra weight. The less moving parts the better. Basically its an RV cruiser/meets mobile shop in progress! Much appreciated!
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    Did this with my stock 03 pathfinder 4WD But plan on getting the LR NRC9449 coils in the rear with Bilstein shocks and ome coils in the front.
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    Yep, originally the condenser and radiator had foam seals around the edges to control air flow through both. The splash pan on the bottom is also part of the air flow control.
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    There you go, never seen or heard of a 2wd version, definitely not here in Australia... Looks to be pretty clean!
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    The starting issues are among the most common on these older vehicles and are rarely the starter. The problem seems to be with older wiring and not being able to carry enough current to complete the circuit. There is a mod that bypasses some of the long circuit and allows power to be delivered to the starter directly by tripping a relay that requires only minimal voltage input. It used to be posted in the How to's section I believe about 10 years ago. Yeah, some of us have been around that long :{ I think it mightve been posted up by 88pathoffroad since he did the headlight mod. ( same issue with old wiring making headlights dimmer over time) By using relays can transferr power to lights directly from alty or battery giving brighter lights) An easy test for your starter is to jump it directly from the battery. If it cranks it aint the starter and likelly you will benefit from the relay mod. Search on here for it. If you cant find it let me know and I will take pictures of how it looks in my truck. I couldn't find it when I just searched ( there are 250+ pages of starter issues) Perhaps one of the long time members or mods has it archived and can resurrect it and pin it to the How Tos where it rightly belongs. Mr. Reverse has it right as far as testing. The relay mod involves dividing those wires and installing the relay which will trip with much less voltage. Actually, now that i think about it, I think the mod was posted by Mr. Reverse !
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    A couple weeks ago my driver's side rear door wouldn't open from either side, the handle flopping around on the outside. I read this somewhere online, tried it and it worked great! I also worked the lock with the remote a few times while tapping. No problems since!
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    I am glad that I found your post, thank you! I was ready to take door apart, read your post and tried spraying some Boeshield T-9 into small holes; didn't take very much and the handle grabbed hold and opened the door. Apparantly nothing was broken or disconnected, as in your case. This is on a 97' Pathy SE.
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    UP DATE! I DID get the panel off and caused some damage BUT!!! I do wish to help anyone else that might have this prolm in the future - Open the outer handle best U can and spray some Realeasall or some kinda lube thru the small holes FIRST!!! before going thru all this BS! Mine might have opened properly if I'd done this cause all it needed was lube - NOTHING was broken or disconnected. Thanx guys for yer help.OH ya - I did get a "hook tool" from Princess Auto for $9 which helped me get the panel off with only one clip being slighted damaged.Pix later.

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