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    Got mine in about 2 days. Now just gotta find the time to put this altogether. AC and 9447s
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    Last night I finished swapping out the hinge pin on the tire carrier with the new one, and it worked out great. Much stronger, no wobble, and very smooth. Had to fabricate quite a few pieces to get it where I need it, but it clears the hatch and sits level and also corrected the backward lean of the tire that was present before. Very happy with it, just needs to be painted now. And I won’t post pics until it’s painted lol Ive also got the coastal off-road kit sitting in the garage, the old brush guard is off the truck now, just waiting to dig into the front end this week. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me, but I’m figuring at least a few days Then I’ll do the bearings on Saturday I think
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    Was gonna try and get rust repair done, but it turns out it'd be more than she's worth! So I'm just gonna try to do it myself at some point. In other news, she performed really well on the Dragon while I was down in NC. Pretty good for an SUV on ATs.
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    Scored a pair of 31x11.5 swampers last night for 100 bucks .. came with some old buckshots on wheels but the buckshots were toast Went and tested it out and she pulls pretty gooood
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    That looks like a blast! If you hop on Instagram and check out Notajeep4x4, they often have Xterra meet ups and rides on Rausch creek.

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