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In Topic: R50 rear springs

Today, 10:09 AM

The AC lift coils are also stiffer than stock. I think there are other options outside the US too, but I'm not familiar with those. Airbags is another option.

In Topic: Truck broken into!

Yesterday, 07:54 PM

That's too bad, thieves are the worst! Glad you were able to get it all taken care of though. Hopefully the laptop didn't have anything valuable on it. Onespiritbrian, the lawyers may not like your idea but I think it's perfectly fair.


Yesterday, 07:50 PM

As soon as mine get here. and installed I will let everyone know about the install and quality. stay tuned. There customer service was great. friendly and prompt. the type of folks I like doing business with.

That's great to hear. Good luck and have fun!

In Topic: Welcome New Members !

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Hi everyone. Just found this forum but Ive had my Pathy since August. 2001 Pathfinder SE 3.5 4wd, purchased for $360 and saved it from the scrap heap. The PO was scrapping it that afternoon due to a front end crash damaging the bumper, hood, pass side fender, and grille. The rear doors didn't open and the truck wouldn't drive over 25MPH once warm. Hope to meet some local owners and get advice and tips for this truck. Thanks!

Do the rear doors not open due to damage from the crash, or are they just stuck? If it's from the crash, you may be getting into a lot more than you think. If they're just stuck, it seems to be a somewhat common problem, there's definitely info on the forum to help with that.


Yesterday, 10:32 AM

Oh yes, I live in NZ, I have bought a number of 4wd equipment from them. The store is actually called "Scarles" but sell all there 4wd gear under Mudstuck on trademe.

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Do you know anything about their quality or reputation?  Do you happen to know anybody who has used their R50 snorkel, who might be able to say something about the quality and ease of installation?

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