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Hey guys,


Hope everyone's doing good in these trying times. I just got a 1491 error on my 98 Pathy Chilkoot (manual xmission). I understand this error in principle - i.e. most likely the Vacuum Cut  valve bypass valve is either toast or stuck open. Or, it could be a hose/connection blowout/break. I realize I need to get this fixed but I live in a rural area and sometimes getting parts and help if I need it takes some time. WHAT are the consequences of running the Pathy in this state (prior to fixing this issue)? I have no idea how "serious" this is as this is really beyond my knowledge. Also, I don't really know where this valve is located; do I need to get at it from underneath or can it be accessed from the top? I ask because it's well, you know, bloody cold and wet here and I have no immediate inside space to fix it.


Any help is much appreciated.




P.S Just noticed my profile still says "Vancouver". While I still spend time there, I now live in a rural part of the Sunshine Coast (North of Vancouver) and I'll edit my profile shortly.

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