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rear auto locker

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at 2:54 minutes, one rear wheel is up in the air, no traction, the pathfinder is probably in 2 wheel drive mode, he drives with 1 rear wheel powering the pathfinder, demonstrating rear auto locker working with one rear wheel no traction.

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It's called the blokka. Much like a lokka, which is where I assume the name comes from. If you use google chrome, it will translate their website into English for you: IZH Techno Website


Some relevant info on it at the end of this thread: Rear Locker Discussion


I've seen pics of this on facebook as well as proof of it functioning. I left the groups after I sold my R50, but I presume it's still working and has a good reputation. @Atlas is a member here who bought one and who I've discussed about the blokka a few times. If I remember correctly, his is now installed and working. 

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I’ve seen the video where they make it spin and you hear the loud ratcheting noise when it’s on jack stands. I wonder if it’s any quieter when in use on the city streets under the weight of the vehicle and torque of the drivetrain 

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open this website in chrome to see product, press translate button next to star icon https://izh-techno.ru/series/blokka-blokirovka-differentsiala-mosta-nissan-terrano-r50/


computer translation of Russian to English

Russian website pdf https://izh-techno.ru/series/blokka-blokirovka-differentsiala-mosta-nissan-terrano-r50/

ctrl+a , then ctrl+c contents of pdf

This site can translate Russian to English https://translate.yandex.com/translator/Russian-English ctrl+v

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