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crank no start

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Hey guys blew my pathy up over 3 years ago and finally got around to fixing it got a motor, went threw all the gaskets, timing belt etc. Well put the motor in and it just cranks no start... i have fuel, i have spark. brand new battery, starter, all new gaskets, timing belt, water pump, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. please help lol.

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First thing I'd check is the ignition timing. Easy to get the dizzy a tooth off, or 180° out if you set it up at top dead exhaust instead of top dead compression. Easy check if you've got a timing light. Check your firing order, too. And be glad it doesn't have an oil pump drive that you have to position so the distributor shaft will engage it. Had all kinds of fun with that on my friend's Chevy 4.3l.

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