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Engine compatibility

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It sounds like my mechanic believes that I am having rod knock versus stuck lifters.  I'm searching for a replacement engine and have found a potential engine which states, "Nissan 3.0 Engine Pickup 2wd VG30E 8/89-8/95."  I have a 1990 4wd.  As far as I know the engine shouldn't be specific to 2wd vs 4wd, correct?


Edit: ended up picking up a VG30E from a 95 donor.  Thanks.

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The service manual shows a different oil pump, oil pickup, and water pump between 2/4WD. Not sure if any of that would stop you from using the engine, though. Year range suggests it should be the multiport injection, so at least that's correct. Depending on the year and california/federal, the EGR system may be slightly different, but that's easy enough to swap out if needed. Later engines have different timing sprockets, so make sure you know what it came out of before ordering parts.

Also consider the VG33 swap. There's some screwing around involved, but you'd end up with a little more displacement for your trouble.

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