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mile marker manual locking hub install issues

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Sadly, something went wrong when I installed the manual locking hubs from mile maker (part number 435) on my 1993. 

I put everything back together in the right order but am experiencing clicking noises when I drive now. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure if it is both sides, I will have to have someone ride with me to verify. 


I know that I was missing the lock ring on the outside of the shaft, on both sides. I replaced the CV axle while I was in there and I noticed that neither side has an outside lock ring, could this be the source of the clicking issue? Thanks for any insight. 



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Clicking normally is due to worn cv joints while turning. I never had ifs 4wds but I'm assuming you're talking about the snap ring that holds the axle spline tight from backing out? 

When does it click? 

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I went ahead and swapped out the cv axles while i was in there, so those are new.

it sounded like it clicked on each rotation, i'll have to get a helper to listen closely to locate the origin of the clicking. and yes, the snap rings that go on the spline. there were two snaprings in the manual, but only one on my pathy. So I am missing the snaps rings on the outermost side by the wheel, on both driver and passenger. I will be installing some in the next few days and update on the situation. 

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Posted (edited)

So, I am not actually able to get a new snap ring on the outer side of the spline. the mile marker hub won't allow me to seat the snap ring into place. This doesn't seem right, I wonder why this is happening?


Edit to add: when going from auto locking to manual locking, the snap ring on the cv axle moves from it's old spot behind the new manual locking hubs to the outside of it, just before the cover. I was attempting to have the snap ring on both positions, when I realized they were doing the same thing -- holding the cv axle from slipping out. Everything went on smoothly after that. 

I used lock-tite on the new manual locking bolts, since most videos and reviews say the bolts slip out if you don't watch out for them. 

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