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Discontinued AC part

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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone can recommend good site for sourcing discontinued parts.

AC not working and I need line from receiver dryer to evaporator core, part # 92440-83600.

Did some preliminary looking around and only saw references to similar parts rather than that actual number.

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You've got a 6 instead of a G in your part #. I see some used ones on eBay. Looks like a very simple part to make if you've got the flaring tool for the ends.

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On 5/29/2021 at 11:30 AM, FeelthePathos95 said:

OK, thanks.

Trying to read another person's handwriting on the part number - always dangerous.



When I was 18 and wanted my first bank account, I jotted my social too sloppy i guess.  lady told me there was some weird @!*% on my credit history and they couldn't open an account for me. I left in a stupor like what?  She called me like 15 minutes later profusely apologizing that she'd read it wrong.

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