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Door "Ajar" light wont turn off


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My 95 Pathfinder for the last several years has the "Door Open" or ajar symbol lit constantly  even though all fo the doors are closed.

I assume this is one of the sensors at the doors - one of which on my car the rubber part has worn away.

I've had to pull the fuses for the radio/interior lights or I get a dead battery as the lights stay on -- plug it back in when I drive out.

How does one figure out which sensor is bad without replacing all 4.... or 5 if you count the back.???

Appreciate any direction, helpful hints, etc.



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Check whether the cargo area light is on. The cargo light only comes on if the rear door is open. (At least this is how my '93 was set up; I'm pretty sure '95 is the same.) If the cargo light is on, it's the switch in the rear door, which is a common problem that I had on my '95 too. I've read you can fix it by shimming the striker. Mine was beyond that (or I did it wrong) so I ended up disconnecting the wire and teeing it into the switch for the tire carrier warning light instead. This worked great once I figured out it needed a diode to stop the dome light from backfeeding the tire carrier light on the dash.

If the cargo light is not on, it's a door switch. To track down which it is, disconnect one at a time until the lights go out (obviously keep the other doors closed until their switches are disconnected). Start with the one that looks torn up.

If it's one of the side door switches, you may be able to get it working again just by popping it apart and clearing it out. Something to try before ordering a new one, or a temp fix until the replacement shows up.

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