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how it goes so far, after a year and a half


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here is my intro post, which is what i believe to be a premise to this topic


haven't logged in here in a while. hope everyone's recovering from modern pandemia. certainly drove me nuts starting off in town as a fast food worker. now i am settled in my early 20s with an oil gun and expertise on oil maintenance reminder reset procedures (for a small business with seniority).

leaky susan, whom i call now the fleenmobile, is still in my possession and as of now i have clocked in 9k miles since i claimed her two years ago. back in october last year my inexperience with snow/sleet covered roads took the better of my driving capabilities and as a result,


slid into the side of a crew cab pickup. everyone involved was ok, and the other party had full coverage while i ride on liability. accidents happen but i can't say that i didn't have a bad taste in my mouth over this for a while. the damage you see is purely cosmetic. i'll live with my inflated insurance rate.


my affection for my truck hasn't faltered. in fact, this really pushed my encouragement to restore this truck, mainly in spirit. i don't aim for this to be show quality, but to be respectably solid. per request from my boss, who also has a mechanics shop on the same property as i quickly lube sixer mustangs and fiat rams, i have compiled a list of things to do for my truck to start off and i hope to get on with it this summer, and hopefully be involved in doing work for someone who hasn't had much opportunity to do some decent mechanical and suspension work and not feel intimidated by it.

just finished replacing the pads and rotors on this truck yesterday. those hubs were a bit frustrating to figure out on my own, but it was more time consuming for me than it was difficult


any advice regarding the bodywork or anything is welcome; i think i'm going to make this an update topic for my truck. anyways, i'll still be around reading through. thank you all for this community.



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That fender should straighten out alright if you're careful about it. Looks like it's the usual case of the bumper folding back and bending the core and fender. When this happened on my '95 (similar deal, locked it up in slush, though luckily all I hit was a ditch), I took the bumper and fender off and straightened everything off the truck, then had a hell of a time lining the bumper back up. When my '93 took a similar hit from a hoof rat, I didn't want to go through that again, so I pulled the bumper straight-ish with a strap and just sorta shoved the core and fender back to where they were supposed to be. It actually worked pretty well.

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