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Fog lights and switch don't work

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The fog light switch hasn't worked since I bought the truck so neither have the fog lights. I haven't troubleshooted deeply but wanted to see if there was anything obvious to look for?





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The wiring is just spade terminals from behind. It was a dealer install as far as I can tell. Should be an aftermarket-looking relay bolted to the firewall near the passenger's side hood hinge or the wiper motor, and a fuse holder hanging off the positive terminal on the battery. I would start by finding the fuse holder and making sure it's still connected and still has a good fuse in it, then check for power to the relay. IIRC you've got a wire tapped into one of the low beam wires inside the steering column clamshell, running from there to the switch, then from the switch to the relay coil, then to ground.

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