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Center Console Extension / Arm Rest Thing... Help with Part ID!

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Losing my mind - going to try here to see if anyone has info.


Pictured below is the center console / arm rest extension from my 1992 SE. All Nissan parts stores and diagrams act like it doesn't exist:




Goes right here:





  I've been able to find the top part for sale on eBay (without any useful part numbers) but not the box part itself. The top part I have is in perfect condition, it's the plastic facing that it connects to that has fallen apart, rendering it useless. Trying desperately to figure out a part number so I can more intelligently search for a replacement. Anyone? Bueller?


What info I can find on the part itself: On the bottom of the box there are these strings that were probably molded into every unit to reduce tooling for the three colors the interior was offered in. Can't find anything online when searching.




Also "NR 9007", seems related to the "9013" on the inside of the top plastic flange thing, but probably internal part numbers vs. external.

This same diagram shows up everywhere, which isn't correct because the rocker switches for the adjustable shocks and fogs aren't shown, so perhaps this info is just lost to the cosmos...









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I have the exact same problem with mine and have found noting on it either except a couple of the lids. not one have i found in a jy pathy in years of looking. what i plan on doing when i get back into interior upgrading is machine one out of 1/8 steel plate with tabs on each side to mount it to the lower box

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You're not nuts, they exist. My '95 and '93 both had them. (Try searching parts for a '95 if you haven't, that illustration looks like an older style.) I didn't think to hang onto the piece you're after, unfortunately. Naturally I kept the lids that you don't need. I don't think they were any kind of rare, though, so surely someone's got one gathering dust.


Mine didn't break like that (might be a hot climate thing?), but the one in my '95 wobbled and rattled and drove me nuts. Then the one in my '93 was disgusting and I couldn't be arsed to clean all the little crevices just to deal with it wobbling again, so pitched it and made my own. You can make the console from an R50 fit with a little screwing around. It's the whole console, not just the box, and you have to move the E-brake over a little, but it doesn't look massively out of place and you do get proper cupholders out of the deal. I decided plastic consoles were stupid and made my own (also with cupholders!) from scrap metal, an ammo can, and the console lid from a Lexus ES300, which fits over a 50-cal can surprisingly well.

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What i didn't know was that part is different between thr 2wd and 4wd. I did my 4wd conversion and found that out eventually.

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Part of what would drive me nuts, is that not every individual part, is a part. 
Some parts are not parts, and are only part of an assembly. So the only way to get certain parts, is to buy the whole assembly. 
I suspect that's the issue here. You're trying to get that broken plastic trim piece, and you think it's a part...but it's not a part. It's a component to an assembly, and it was never listed as a part, designed as a part, or sold as a part. It's a piece of a part, so to speak. It's part of an assembly. It never had it's own number. The only way to get that is to replace the whole box.

I'm going to hit some more junk yards locally, and try to find more parts for my Pathfinder. Heck, I might have to go into business pulling parts and listing them on ebay! lol

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Thanks everyone. It just annoys me that there seems to be umpteen different configurations and designs of the center console with no evidence of that in the parts diagrams online haha. Tried to get lucky at a local import junkyard this weekend and struck out. Guess I’ll just keep an eye on eBay for my quest to find the cool OEM parts that seem like unobtainium haha. Cheers

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My favorite jeep is the M38A1, and I got two of them. 
They were a political and pseudo war time bastard of a vehicle, who was changed so drastically under contract, that they should have been a completely different model number from the M38, and not an "Advancement". Even still, in the early years of that vehicle, it went through several revisions, as parts, components, brackets, and body panels went through changes, or were left off entirely. On top of that, the changes were not done on paper, or by years, but instead when the stock ran out. So for instance, you can not tell someone that you have say, a 1952, or 1953, or 1954, and they would know what slight variations the said Jeep had, as there were several substantial changes. 

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On 4/2/2021 at 3:20 PM, AaronHorrocks said:

I'm going to hit some more junk yards locally, and try to find more parts for my Pathfinder. Heck, I might have to go into business pulling parts and listing them on ebay! lol

There used (or still is) to be a place in California called Nissan only wreckers. I've bought several parts from them and it was great, considering I live in Canada and I haven't seen another wd21 where I live in a long arse time.


So it appears to be a pretty good business lol

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