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Hi there!


I picked up my first 4x4 last night, its a 1993 V6 3.0l Terrano. Its completely road worthy and mechanically seems pretty good. There are lots of things I need to do though so will have quite a lot of questions, mostly will probably be stupid questions (I am a software developer by trade :)).


My first question is whats the difference between the Terrano and the Pathfinders, if I search on Terrano I see a different looking nissan on international results, but searching for Pathfinder I see a truck which looks like mine. Is the Terrano in New Zealand the same as the Pathfinder in other countries?

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What is up my dude! Welcome!
From what I can remember the Terrano is just the overseas name of the Pathfinder for places like Japan and such.
But I'm sure someone else probably knows significantly more about that than I do.

And also, your rig looks super nice! Always happy to see older vehicles being used to their potential and kept in good shape.

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