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This is 9heart's introduction thread about 9heart


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Hello again and I am 9heart and here is my Pathy


Some folks on NPORA said the 89-90 2doors have a VG30i.  Well for whatever reason, my darling SE-V6 has a VG30E.  Power windows/locks, sunroof, tire carrier, LSD, 75,000kms. 


My darling is a little bit dirty from relocating to the new home during the snowstorm last week, but its ok, I am treating her very good and will be cleaned up soon.  She is forever and I have waited so long to find one like her.  I am very thankful that she decided to choose me:  





MFG Date: January 1990:






Some japanese text at the bottom, perhaps it says something about timing chain at 100,000kms?




Thanks for looking


--- 9heart

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