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Fuel gauge


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I may have asked this before.

On my bought-new '92 XE coming up on 100k, the gas gauge can't seem to make up its mind, occasionally showing full when full, then empty a mile later, then up and down,

It could, of course, be the gauge or the sender, but the low fuel light never comes on.  It must use a different sender.

This is not serious, but I would like an easy solve if someone has it.


Jim Armstrong

Potter Valley, CA 

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I am sure nobody will be shocked at the news the gauge worked just fine all day yesterday.

I don't want to argue, but I do not consider pulling the instrument cluster are replacing the voltage regulator with one that needs soldering in  an easy fix.

I would undertake that only with a complete failure of the dash units.

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Provided they're still available, the factory replacement voltage regulator is not a solder job. In the thread, I believe, that was a work around. However, considering the age of the vehicle and parts availability, that might be the only way..


When I had the fuel gauge failure, it also took out the temp gauge as well. Once I replaced the regulator, they both worked. This was also 7 years ago...


24866-54A00 is the Part number I bought. There are 2 different kinds if my memory is correct. It appears as though you can still find them in places. You can contact the dealer to see which one you need based on your VIN



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I've had that issue for years. Ever since I took a girl skiing in Tahoe, some time in 2004-2006 ish, and the Nissan got loaded down with snow and ice all over the underside, up into the wheel wells, doors etc. Doors and fuel door all got frozen shut. The fuel gauge always read high or low, and sometimes, the needle went way below low. It would never be in the 1/2 tank area. Not even 1/4 or 3/4 tank ish. 

Just recently I had the fuel pump and sending unit replaced, and my fuel gauge is reading correct now! I'm smiling so big to have it actually read around 1/2 tank again!

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I'm not sure that the skiing trip had anything to do with it. It could have entirely been a coincidence. 
But I suspect getting snow and ice up into everything might have caused a problem. 

Taking the dash apart is really something I want to entirely avoid. Even though my current dash is cracked to all hell - even if I found a perfect one for free I probably wouldn't want to replace it anyhow. 

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