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Hello all,


Not new to the club, but never posted before.

Initially signed on to learn more about the engines.

(I'm going to build a 330 or 340 ZX. . . .one day).

Since I joined, I sold my Jeep and considering finding a Pathfinder to spend my money on.

(not that I have the money to spend, I just seem to sink it into vehicles).

What is the difference between a Pathy & X-terra?  Just Curios.


I'm new to the Nissans, but have built many of vehicle in my life, so I'm a quick learner.

Thanks for having me aboard.

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The first-gen Xterra (WD22) got a slightly bigger engine (3.3 vs 3.0) and a better auto trans. The first-gen Pathfinder (WD21) has links and coil springs in the back, the X has leaf springs. Both have torsion-bar front ends. Same hokey steering linkage design, unfortunately. The X has OBDII and airbags, which the first-gen Pathfinder does not. The second gen Pathy (R50) went unibody and got rack-and-pinion steering and struts up front, but is still linked with coils in the back. They've got the same engine as the Xterra up to mid '01 when the VQ (3.5) came out.

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