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04 Pathfinder 4WD indicator front wheels flashing

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Good day, My name is Rick and I have a problem with my Pathfinder going into 2 hi. I have read the previous post that I found concerning this problem. Tried to open the NTB 98-010, but there was an error. I shall give you a brief history and what I’ve done and perhaps someone will be able to help me out.

Bought a 2004 Chinook in 2013, drove it home and put it in the garage for 7+ years. I have the majority of the issues corrected. Here is what I noticed, when 4low is selected the actuator moves and the transfer case shifts, same for when going to 4hi from 4 low. I jacked up the front and in 4 low could not turn the wheels. In 4 hi I can turn the wheels and see the front shaft move. When I watch the actuator as 4 hi is switched to auto and 2 hi it hardly moves but I can hear solenoids buzzing As though it’s trying shift. I have lubricated all pivot points for the actuator.

a day ago I tried the quick shot of fuel and then brake and the flashing stopped and indicated it was in 2 hi, but that failed to work this morning. I tried reverse I tried rolling back and fwd on a hill but no success. 
Appreciate any help. Thank you. I apologize if didn’t follow the correct protocol for submitting a question I’m not much of a computer wiz and had issues with joining lol, let alone navigating this forum.

update: put it on 4 axle stands and started it up, put it in drive, all 4 wheels turn, switched to 4 hi

( after putting it to neutral) and gave it a shot of fuel, tires turned but the abs light came on and

the 4WD warning light came on. Shut it down and turned it back on ABS and 4WD light were out.

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