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D21 AC Issues

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Hey guys I don't have my WD21 anymore. But I do have 3 D21s and they pretty much the same. I have a 1994 D21 Base Model w/ AC. The plastic switch broke on the blend door switch on the dash. So I disc the cable and have it under the dash. I can adjust my cable to any source IE: Floor, defrost, combo, But I can't get it on vent at all. I know it goes to a white cog behind the Radio in the center in above the trans. Any tips on how to adjust and move it to vent permanently. My AC & Heat works fine. But it's a PIA living in South Ga with AC blowing out the defrost and fogging up my windshield in humidity. Any help is appreciated


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Only suggestion I have is to go under the dash and where the cable is attached to the linkage, disconnect the cable and see if you can move the linkage to the vent positions. If so, you have a cable problem. If not, you have a problem in the HVAC mode doors or their linkage.


If you set it to floor only, you will get the cooling with less window fogging. 

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