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Black 03' QX4 Fun Covid Self Isolation Edition

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I’d get the ARB OME struts just because they’re the best ride & reliability. I don’t like how much more expensive they are but I’m usually building for long term. Also, having driven the truck for 19 years, I’m particularly sensitive to changes in ride. Anyway, due to time & availability constraints, it looks like I’ll be get the KYB Excel-G because they’re available.

I’m really only lifting it because I figure it needs a suspension refresh - my ‘02 Pathy did by 90K & this one is about 120K. If I’m going to replace the suspension, I might as well get a little lift out of it. Ride & reliability will be my primary objectives as I won’t have a garage or tools where I’m taking & leaving it. It will be my daily commuter when I’m in town but will also allow me to do some hiking, fishing & offroad exploration for a little fun here & there. I originally thought medium duty springs would be fine but [mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] convinced me to build for the future - plus a slightly higher lift will help match the extra LR springs & shocks he has lying around. I do have some concerns it might be a bit stiff but the combo drives beautifully on my Path.

My wife thinks this truck is for temporary use during this job - I expect I won’t want to sell it. It’s alot of vehicle for the $. Seeing comparable 4Runners, Tacomas & Tundras go for 2-4x the money but with more miles has made me all the more grateful I’m in the know regarding R50s. When it eventually cones home, it will be my hardware store & trailer hauler & an extra for guests - my Pathy will retire to full “Toy” status.

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So I haven’t heard a clicking sound on my headlights when I turn the car off. Do you have the lights adjusted to #4 and maybe they are settling back to regular position?


Either way, post up some pics of the qx4 on a new thread!

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