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FirstGenFreak's SLOW WD21 Build

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Gidday All, below is copied form my intro thread to get the ball rolling, will have updates next week!

My name is Pete and I am from Victoria in Australia

Here's My Old truck - 86 with a Z24. I had this thing for 11 trouble free years and I don't know what made me sell it but the second it drove off I regretted it. 



Fast forward a few years and it just came over me that I had to have another one. 

A few months of shopping I found this old girl and picked it up for a song. An '86 like my old one. 


The thing that sold me on this particular car were the condition of the body and the interior. Anyone into these cars will know how hard it is to find nice trim bits. 




And here is the only rust in the car, being a dry inland car


After picking it up I got 50 km before it started overheating. 
Stopped, cooled it down, topped off the water and put a new radiator cap on, got another 10km and it overheated again. .. And again. 

Luckily we have roadside assist and they covered the tow (180km).


First steps are to address the overheating issue. Will start with new waterpump, radiator and thermostat. If that doesn't fix it I still have a spare engine from my old pathy. 

Then I'll fit a 32/36 Weber, Extractors, remove the LP Gas Conversion.
I know most of you are probably running VGs but I've always been a Z24 fan, and had a great run out of them. Over here the VGs have a rep for being a bit of a fuel guzzler. 
I'd like to find a set of factory wheelarch flares and do a lift and fit 31s. 

I'll be sure to update on progress but will be slow as the car is kept on a rural property I own, so I'll only get to work on it a couple of times a month. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Keep the shiny side up!



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Here are a couple of my other projects (in addition to renovating a late 1800s miners cottage!)




Should have updates this time next week

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Went up to our property for a day and in between working on the house tinkered with the car for a couple of hours.

Removed all of the 'old man' add-ons












Also threw my 31s on, but they are coming back off until I sort out a lift.

Also found the culprit for my overheating issue

Threw in a new water pump and radiator at the same time, went for a run, cool as a cucumber!

That's it for now!


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