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Transmission Fluid


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On 8/7/2020 at 4:08 PM, dezm said:

Does anybody have any more insight on getting a correct reading from this style dipstick? I’ve always struggled with this. Glad to hear I’m not alone! 

When changing the fluid via the drain plug (not a full flush with filter etc) how much have you guys been replacing? I’ve been getting about 3L out so that’s what I’ve put back in. But my dipstick consistently reads as overfilled. Experimented with slightly less but even then it stays high. 

Btw Around 4.5-5L on my 03 Qx4 with jus a drain and refill

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Quick update I know it has been a while.  I eventually just decided what the hell and dropped the pan so I could get as much fluid out as possible, while also being able to change the internal filter. I know everyone says it's essentially a rock catcher, but regardless if my trans is having issues there is potential for that to be the cause.  I understand its more than likely another issue but I was being optimistic and hopeful it would remedy some harder shifts.  Well having used all OEM parts and Valvoline Maxlife ATF fluid I can confidently say it really helped initially.  I was quite surprised, and elated at this point.  Unfortunately things haven't stayed this way.  It's been around 6-8 months and it seems it's back to rough shifts.  Although, dipstick measurements seem to be more consistent.  I plan to do a drain and refill soon because this is recommended even after doing a pan drop, simply because that does not remove everything.  If you perform a few drain and refills you can dilute the old fluid enough to a point where its virtually gone.  I will update the topic post-operation with my findings, here's to hoping for some buttery shifting.

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