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'92 Air Filter Box


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I checked my air filter on my bought new '92 V6 (nice low 95,000 miles) today.

it doesn't need replacement, but for at least the third time I got to wondering what the other stuff In the box is for.

There are soft felt "things" held in by metal clips and some other stuff. 

They all look in good shape and I know if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but I am darned curious what they do.

Also I wonder if the part of the intake that is inside the fender needs inspection.

Feeling stupid after 27 years,

Jim in Potter Valley, CA 

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After some more looking, it seems that the felt pieces may filter the intake for the evaporative canister.

The part of the box above the filter, including the circular screen, look brand new, not even slightly dusty!

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The felt pads in my airbox were excellent nesting material for a rat, until the little guy took a wrong turn on his way out of the truck, got stuck in the resonator box in the fender, and died. While I had the fender off to remove what by then resembled King Tut, I mounted a heavy screen over the air intake to keep future rodents the hell out of my airbox. I don't notice much noise from the intake without the pads, though now that I think about it I did have an annoying whistle at idle when I put it back together. Turned out to be a ridge in the rubber where the line to the idle air valves met the intake pipe, or at least that's what I modified that shut it up. Not sure if I put something back together a little wonky or if that's the noise the pads were supposed to absorb.


It's been a while since I had my airbox out but I'm pretty sure the intake for the carbon can has its own separate intake in the wheel well.

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