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Front end swap

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 Swapped the front ends on @ferrariowner123 1996 and the Pines to Spines 2003 today. He graciously donated the 2003 last year to @hawairish and I with the request that we swap front ends at some point, which he and I knocked out this afternoon. 


All body parts and lights bolt on with only the hood latch on the 2003 and wiring for the lights on both rigs needing some modification. The 2003 uses 9003 series headlights and has the corner/turn signals combined where the 1996 has separate signals and corner lights and uses a 9004 series headlight. With both rigs present and @ferrariowner123 's electrical knowledge it was a fairly straight forward job to swap and modify the plugs to get everything sorted out. The fender flares do not swap over and have to travel with the appropriate fender but once paint matched shouldn't be too noticeable. 


All in all a neat project with both rigs fooling you at first glance.  













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Looks fantastic. I'm trying to source some panels for my 1998. Can you confirm that aft of the front fenders the sheet metal for doors, roof, and rear hatch is interchangeable? There's a 99.5+ at a wrecker here.



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13 hours ago, zakzackzachary said:

That reminds me @ferrariowner123 I could start pulling paint matched rear bumper/fender flares if you wanted. 

Towndawg are i are eventually going to pull the rear half of the gamblr rig and swap it out for my zenki bumpers.


Thanks though!



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