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'95 XE Alarm/Keyless Entry

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Hope I'm not being a pest with all these questions...Im about 20 years late to the Pathy party!  LOL


So, now that I have working power door locks, I thought I would attempt to get the keyless/alarm working.


Currently the red led on the switch (center console) constantly flashes (fast) regardless of which position it is in.  I normally just leave it off.

I ordered a key fob from eBay, it says Pathfinder on the fob and the seller said it was for my year.

Got the fob, found the programming instructions and the TSB (thank you to the poster).


My hood switch was broke, so I got a new one from a local stereo/alarm shop and it fits perfect.


When I cycle the ignition, and then hold down the program button on the module (under seat), I get 4/5 quick muted "clicks".  I assume its form the alarm horn?

then the module beeps in 1 second intervals and will not accept the key fob signal.

It keeps that pattern for a minute or 2, or until I cycle ignition.

I never get the horn blast.

I did get the impact sensor to trigger the alarm a few days ago, so I know the siren works.



I also found another programming sequence I found, very similar in steps (never cycle ignition) that caused the same 4/5 "clicks" but then the module would beep slower, 3 sec intervals?  If I then pressed the key fob button the module would react to the button press.  No confirmation beep though, and never programs.  I think this proves the fob is at least working???



Any one have any advice or tips?  You have all been awesome so far!


Thanks in advance...again.

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My suggestion is to toss the factory unit and do an aftermarket system. It will give more features and actually work properly. The factory unit has a well deserved reputation for being problematic. 


It was back in the early 2000's my single remote got run over by a pallet jack with about 2k of steel parts on it. I thought about replacing the remote but found it cheaper to replace the system that also gave me remote start and hatch glass release. 

Currently replacing that with a push button start system a friend gave me after he gave up in disgust trying to make it work with his Impala. The Chinese to engrish translation is worse than normal, so it a bit rocky. Combining that with 20 years of abuse, alterations, and neglect, has made it an interesting project. Just like the wild hair I got to swap the HVAC control head and the stereo locations. Being a 93, I don't have a double din for the stereo and the factory location is too low for the flip up screen to be convenient. That little project has been interesting in itself.


Now I am rambling. Probably ought to take some pics and start a thread on my Pathfinder resurrection and the fun things I have found and discovered.

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I agree, 


I  recommend  crimestopper sp-502 if you want remote start ($99).  sp-302 if you do not have remote start. ($79)


even if you have the door lock actuator problem (key does not lock all the doors) this will make it so you don't need it. as long as your switch on the door panel works it will lock and unlock you doors. The latest model will automatically unlock your doors if you have the key in the ignition to avoid locking your keys in the vehicle with the remote. 


I have them in all of my vehicles

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The door lock timer in mine auto unlocks the doors if the key's still in, not sure what year that came out but it's done its job a few times. I don't think I've tested it since I removed the alarm, but I assume it still works.


The only documentation I've found on the alarm system is NTB93-036. It's very short and there's no troubleshooting, just a circuit diagram and programming instructions. It's from '93, not sure if later systems changed enough to matter. (I don't remember where I got it--couldn't find it on Nico last I looked). It says to turn the key on, then off. Press and hold the button and the siren will make four individual beeps, followed by five in a burst. Release the button. When it chirps again, hit the arm/disarm (not panic) button on the transmitter, and it should chirp to acknowledge. Sounds like it's got enough memory for four transmitters, so just do the same one four times to bump out any programming it may have (sounds like it'll keep prompting you forever, but it'll only remember the last four entries). Turn the ignition on and off again to end programming. Comparing this to your second procedure, it looks like you were doing the right thing there. The lack of the confirmation noise might be an issue with the siren. Mine was dead due to a wire having broken inside, and I was able to repair it (not that I have a use for it at this point). The clicking is probably the alarm flashing the parking lights. I wouldn't be surprised if the lights were supposed to flash each time the siren beeped.

But yeah, if you're looking for something reliable, you can do a whole lot better than a 20+ year old system with iffy documentation.

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