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Bottom end rebuild ;) with extras!

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So I have rebuilt just about everything on my vg33de build but I've bought crank bearings and rod bearings and the crank is siezed won't turn freely with the new bearings lubed with assembly lube, but the crank turns with stock bearings... I'm at a 130$ loss here and I just want to figure out where and how to get vg30 bearings that will allow movement for my crank, I've also ran into the issue of an oil pump... What year rings can I use for the vg30 crank because the vg33 had a bigger bore crank but the oil pumps are difficult to find online, what year oil pump should I use??? Been almost a year since my last post where can I also get a 90's d21 hood? 

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Damn, that sucks. Some aftermarket bearings are oversized to fit a crankshaft that's had its worn-out journals machined slightly smaller to clean them up. I'd expect the bearings or the package they came in to be marked somewhere if this is the case. If the old bearings aren't wallered, and the clearances check out alright with plastigauge or whatever, I'd be tempted to just run those.

No idea on the oil pump, sorry.


I'd try a wrecking yard first for the hood. Worst case you can get a new primered hood for $185 on Rockauto, assuming you're looking for the one without the vents.

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