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Help please tbi issue

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So I fudged up and broke the wires off my tbi system to my 89 pathy left it on my table when I went to work and my brother threw them away :(  i cant find them online besides the wire up ones can I buy the plug and injectors I can't find them anywhere? The injectors and these two two spring plugged type deals with the plug that hooks into the harness!  Help meh pleeez! 

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Perhaps a picture of what your looking for/what is missing would be helpful.  



Have you headed to local wrecking yards to browse around for what you need?

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If you're talking about the injectors harness, I would suggest to buy some standard automotive waterproof connectors, cut off what's left of the old connectors/wiring, and rewire the throttle body using the new connectors.

If you lost the ones that go into the MAF sensor or the TP sensor, instead, I would use some fastom connectors. Little more tricky and needs to be waterproofed someway afterwards, but better than nothing.

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