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Fan Coupling Rebuilding Help needed

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I am trying to rebuild my fan coupling. Part of the reason I think it is not working like it should is that the metal spring that contracts and expand was rusted solid. I have since remove the rust but the middle `pin`where the spring coils in, is not turning... I have tried with a pair of plier to force it to turn, but it won`t budge...
I am under the impression that it should be turning when the coil expand due to heat. I have since open up the coupling and I am stuck there... I don`t want to force it more than I have to until I can find some info, hopefully, from someone that has some experience with this...

I want to get to the other side of the expanding coil so I can unstuck the rotating pin that is connected to the coil.(This is what you see on the first pic)... how can I remove what you see ... is it pressed in, screwed in ??


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My guess is it's pressed in.

Have you tried letting it soak in pb blaster or stronger rust breaker? Heat or maybe a few good waves with a hammer may break the pin free so the valve can rotate.


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Yes... I let the thing rest inside a bath of metal rescue for 24 hours. That pretty much removed the rust but did not free the pin... I tried a few hits with the hammer...no go :-( So I decided to sacrifice it for the benefit of everyone here :-)...


The circle in the middle is a thin steel plate that I removed with a screwdriver... simply pulling on it... looks like it was welded or something..not sure but it came out with little force. You can see on the picture the arm that is suppose to rotate and this aligns with the square opening to let the liquid go through... I tried rotating the pin from this side and it would not budge... ho well... time to find another... cheers.



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