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Anyone still selling a subframe drop kit?


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Realized that I have a blown passenger motor mount. The ONLY way I can see myself getting under this thing to fix it is if I can upgrade some stuff along the way ;).


Being that I have to drop the stinkin subframe down to replace this anyways, is anyone still making a subframe drop kit?


Thanks in advance!

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1) Raise chassis off ground and support with jack stands

2) Remove wheels

3) Remove struts

4) Remove front differential assembly

5) Lock steering wheel; remove steering U-joint from rack

6) Remove bracket securing P/S hose to subframe

7) Support subframe with a floor jack

8) Support engine with a floor jack (with a 2x4 or 4x4 placed between oil pan and jack)

9) Remove bolts securing subframe

10) Remove nuts on motor mounts

11) Lower the subframe about 5"

12) Insert spacer blocks between motor mounts and subframe

13) Insert spacer blocks between chassis and subframe

14) Install and tighten all of the hardware to secure the spacers to the chassis and to the subframe

15) Install "missing link" brace between left and right lower control arms

16) Attach strut spacers onto struts

17) Reinstall struts

18) Install new steering shaft/u-joints

19) Remove floor jacks

20) Reinstall front differential

21) Reinstall wheels

22) Now go lift the rear suspension. :)

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