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Fog Light Upgrade


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I have a Pathfinder SE that I wanted replace the fog lights with a pair of LED units. problem is they won't work when wired to the current setup? put the old ones back and they work. as many folks know the fogs are wired with the headlight low beams thru the relay. could this be limiting the current to the LEDs. I may just run a seperate line from the factory fog light switch, all suggestions welcomed.

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If the halogens work, you have power and ground to the socket. No need to screw with the circuit. LEDs shouldn't draw more power than the halogens that were there. Like K9SAR said, you've probably got the bulbs in backwards.


If you want to test the LEDs, take a couple of jumper leads (or wire scraps, whatever) and test the bulb straight from the battery. If it doesn't light, reverse polarity. If it still doesn't light, there's something wrong with the bulb. If the bulb does light, try it in the fog socket again, see if it works, turn it around if it doesn't.

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Any bulb needs + and -, no matter the type. You do notice flickering more with LEDs than with incandescents. This is because an incandescent light has a hot filament inside that takes a second to cool down and quit glowing after power is cut. Interrupt the power for a fraction of a second and you probably won't notice. Cut the power on an LED and it goes dark instantly.

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