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Reinstalling Manifold Collector Issues


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Hey folks, I've got a 91 XE that I picked up on the cheap. Turns out it had a bad injector on the #2 cylinder, and as I didn't pay much for the truck, I didn't want to spend the money on a mechanic. Also figured it would be a good time to get to know my engine, and see if there were any other issues.


Long story short, got the manifold collector off without too much hassle, but the two hoses off the back were so stuck, and so tight in against the firewall, I had to cut them to get the collector off. Figured I'd just get new hoses, no problem.



I'm stuck on a couple issues:

  1. I photo documented everything but this step (murphy's law) and as I'm not 100% sure what those two hoses are, I'm having issues finding information on how they hook up. It's a 50/50 I get it right, but such a massive pain, I don't want to install all the other hoses and doodads back on the collector just to find out I need to swap them.they're
  2. The hose the auto shop sold me is kinking. The original hoses appear to have been pre-bent. Again, as I'm not sure what they are specifically, having trouble finding any info on the correct hoses to use.

Anyway, any info/tips/leads etc on this would be fantastic!



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Sure thing. The two smaller lines there are plenum coolant lines. They tee off the heater hose hard pipes. If you look where your heater core lines connect to the firewall pipes, follow those heater core lines back toward the engine. You will see there's 2 hard pipes and off each hard pipe is a separate hose fitting . It tees off.


The upper smaller coolant hose (the one that is just above the other) goes to the rear most heater core hard line tee(closest to firewall) the lower smaller coolant hose (the one that is just under the other) goes to the forward most heater core hard line tee (closest to the back of the engine).


I agree those two lines are a pain in the rear, hardest part about a plenum removal. I suggest getting a set of long needle nose pliers. I got a set from the local tool house they are approx 10-12 inches long. One is straight needle, one is 45 degree and one is 90 degree tip. They are absolutely vital tools to have for working on imports!


Hope that helped

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That helps a ton! Thanks Nefarious.


Using that info and doing some searching around, sounds like some other folks have had the same kinking issue trying to use generic hosing. Need the preformed.

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