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1998 Pathfinder Rear Main seal replaced still leaking

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I have a 1998 Pathfinder and took it to a mechanic for rear engine seal replacement. Their estimate was $1,200 to replace. They had it for two weeks and I called today and they said that they replaced the rear main seal and had to sand off a burr on the shaft. After repair, they said that the rear seal still leaks and that they thought that it was due to crankshaft bearing wear and that it was basically not fixable, so the vehicle is basically ready for the junkyard. So I have two questions:


1. Does this sound reasonable?

2. What do I owe the shop for the work?


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sounds like BS to me. To have that excessive wear would mean you have no oil pressure and other problems.


It doesn't take that long to replace a rear main seal. 2 days max for one person taking their time.

the rear main goes out from the seal shrinking and cracking.

A bur does not just magically manifest itself.


How many miles is on the vehicle?

About how long has it been leaking (mileage wise).


Sounds like the messed up and don't want to own up to it.


You do not owe the shop anything because they didn't fix anything.

They should have called you first when they found the "problem".

Instead, you had to call them for the to tell you what was wrong.

I don't know what kind of reputation this shop holds but If it were me, I find a lawyer.


I've been burned by too many shops already. so I do all my work or have the dealership do it.



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Bearing wear? Like the main bearings are bad enough for the crankshaft to move around and wallow out the seal? I agree with Cuong, you'd have more to worry about than a leak if that was the case. I find it easier to believe that the shaft was nicked (by them removing the seal or by the last guy to try and fix it) and either they didn't get it smooth enough or they sanded too much material off to where the seal doesn't seal. That, or the leak is coming from somewhere else.

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That sounds like total bs. I don't think they did the job. Find a pic of the rear main seal and take it with you to the shop. Ask to see old seal. Check your engine oil on the dipstick. It should look PERFECT. If that checks out, look at the whole bottom of the engine area especially the pan to block gasket area around the whole perimeter. Look for evidence of things being cleaned up and new silicone and pan gasket. This should be readily apparent. If that checks,they did the job. Perhaps poorly, but none the less. Then talk to them about this burr. Burrs don't happen by themselves. Excessive bearing wear would induce a hand grenade for an engine. Test that through oil pressure test. They should have done this by now. If nothing else this is really shoddy workmanship. $1200 sounds more like dealer book charges than actual labor charges. Good luck.

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