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1999 pathfinder with an annoying alarm! Help please!


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Hello everyone,

Today I bought myself a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder because I had crashed my previous car and I am in need of a vehicle for work and school.

I got the car and i drove it home and everything was fine except some suspension issues. Anyway... I parked the car in the afternoon and I went to drive it around for a bit after like 4-5 hours and when I unlocked the car the alarm went off..

I went in and tried to start the car because my previous cars alarm would go silent when the car was turned on... but nope it wouldnt turn on...

I disconnected the 3 horns on the vehicle (2 at the front and one behind the battery but unfortunately that only eliminated the noise...

The alarm was still active because the front lights were flashing still and the car wouldnt even start.

The key that I got has no buttons for an alarm and nothing else seems to stop the alarm.. I even tried to disconnect the wiring that is at the bottom left of the steering wheel...

For now I have taken the battery terminal off so it wont drain it with the flashing lights.

What can I do to start my car? I dont really want the alarm on there and Id be better off without it but I am sure that as long as the alarm is activated the car cant be turned on...

Is there any way to disable it fully? The fuse panel is missing too so I am not sure if it has a fuse for it and whether or not pulling it would make any difference.

If any pictures are required to help me fix this please let me know


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Well, welcome. Bummer that's how ownership started...


How did you unlock the car without a keyfob? According to the FSM, using the key in any door is supposed to disarm the anti-theft system.




I suggest looking through the "Theft Warning System" and possibly "NVIS" sections of the FSM. You can't exactly just unplugged the modules to fix things unfortunately. There are multiple modules that control everything you're experiencing.


On a side note, how did this not get discovered pre-purchase? And no keyfob? You can buy them on eBay and program them to truck without visiting the dealership (instructions in that link). Of course, you should find out if your model even came with power door locks.

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My guess is that the security system isn't seeing the key turning the lock cylinder and that's why it set it off.

If you go over to the passenger door and unlock that side with your key it will turn off the alarm.


I don't know how to simply disable the system...it might be an easy thing to do, or it might create other side effects/problems that you won't like. But it should be able to be figured out by a careful reading of the service manual and schematics.


Simplest fix might be to diagnose why the security system doesn't know you unlocked your door.

Might just be a bad connection inside the door. Here again the service manual's schematics will prove valuable.





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I went back to the car in the morning and unlocked the car from the passenger door and the alarm stopped...


So I am guessing there is something wrong with the drivers side door and the car doesnt recognize it when the doors are opened from that side...


any clues on how to fix this issue?

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I took them all out because I have to put new speakers in anyway.

Behind the drivers door speaker there was a cut wiring line(which goes to power the speakers) along with a small black connector that wasnt connected to anything... Is this were the sensor is or more towards the lock?

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That disconnected harness could be the problem, but it could be empty if you lacked some other feature, like maybe heated mirrors (not sure what was available for your year).


The sensor/switch is integrated into the lock cylinder. You should see a wiring pigtail coming from it (seen below). You should be able to put a voltmeter on it and test continuity.




Taken from an eBay auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271844515699

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Thank you for your response and sorry I shouldnt have really asked that question because that stuff is found in the manual you posted the link to.. I just didnt notice it was a service manual and didnt check it at first.


I am currently unlocked my car through the passenger side but I will open the door panels and check for that today.

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No sweat, man, I don't mind paraphrasing. A lot of newcomers aren't aware of the power that is the "FSM". It is the official Nissan service guide, and is what Nissan techs reference...and being free, that's awesome (they used to cost hundreds!)

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This is EXACTLY what happens to my 97 SE!! I get in through the passenger door with manual key and with the key fob can unlock the drivers door, rear passenger door and back hatch- the other locks do not operate on the auto system. Once I get through my suspension issues I'll have to tackle this wiring issue, my nemesis!



Otherwise she runs cherry!!



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