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Secret Santa 2015


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Once again, I'm behind schedule, but I'm sure it isn't too late!


Secret Santa!


Here is the gist: We will sign up until 12/12 and 12/13 I will publish the Santee list via PM.

We are shooting for at least 10 people to sign up, but lets see where it goes...

Rules are:

1) If you sign up, you must participate.

2) Minimum bid (gift cost) is $10, there is no max.

3) Gift should arrive before 1/1/2016

4) Have some sort of tracking for your gift. Trust me on this...


I'll do more justice to this from ghosts of Santa passed later, but that is the reality of it.

To sign up, please reply here and PM me your Name and Addy, phone number may be needed for International shipment.


So here is the list of Santees so far:






(To be updated)



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Yeah, this is about commercialization... :rolleyes:


Anywho, 4 people in, 5 if K agrees, but that isn't a whole lot of secret and not a lot of Santas. I'll still shuffle the names tonight if people want though!





92Path, you need to send me a name and addy if you are in...



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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, sorry guys, this year is a bust. Only 2 members actually signed up, and then there was little or negative input. It ain't happenin' this year, the Schrooge wins... P...


I blame myself for not being on the ball this year, but next year I'll get things rolling before T-Day and I will do it justice. We'll see if that is what makes the difference in the spirit of things.

For those who were interested, I suggest you just go into your community and do good there, but I suspect you already do...


Happy Holidays everyone! :beer:



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