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Hey all, new to the forum!


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Hello everyone, here's my introduction!


Name's Rob and I own a '95 SE model, 4wd, automatic. I bought it as cheap transportation while I'm working in Detroit this winter to keep my '06 Ram Dually out of the salt. It was cheap, so the little rust on the frame out back and the rear rockers isn't critical, but like so many of my other cars, I find myself really enjoying this truck! I am a true car nut, as I have 15 of 'em! Anybody knowing anything about turbo Dodges from the '80's should recognize my screen name; I'm currently restoring an '86 Shelby GLHS number 117. The REAL first tuner car! Oh well, that's enough of that, now its off to the "garage" page to get some assistance, hopefully, with an electrical issue newly developed!

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