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Can we talk fenders?


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Found a set of fiberglass prerunner fenders from a '97 hardbody.

Is this a direct fit?


Anyone cut fenders and add flares?


Other than the standard 2" lifts and SAS, How can I stuff 35"s on my R50?




I used the search box but had a hard time finding a more specific answer.


Thanks in advance.


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Frontier I feel like is more for the Xterra than the pathfinder. In terms of cross compatible parts.




Correct, the Frontier is directly related to the Xterra and has no cross-compatible parts with R50s that I know of, other than general VG motors etc. If you're looking into fitting 35s, typically an SFD is the only answer. Fender upgrades on these amount to how much you're willing to cut, as there are really no fiberglass options.

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