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Old Xtreme Pathfinder finds a new owner...

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Hmm. I have been into them for a long time.


I used to own a SASd frontier maybe 6 years ago, then parted it out to build a pathfinder buggyish thing that was scrapped because it was too rusty to be worth the effort. I then built a samurai based buggy that I found was just a huge lawn ornament 95% of the time. I parted it out and sat on a dream to build a maroon 1995 5 speed pathinder, when low and behold, I found the one I own now.


Anyway, I mentioned Labor Day at WITC to the wife and she likes the idea.

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When I joined this forum years back, there was not too many local 'finder guys, or gals. Maybe they just were not active...

Look forward to seeing you guys there!

Anyway, sorry to thread jack!

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I think they used it as they stated it was built for: as a camera/chase truck. It went places, but was never used as a wheeler.


I know it had mud in crazy places and scratches all over the paint.


They just left the door wide open to make it better; nobody took time to tune it properly .

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I haven't been on here in a while, but thought I'd post a pic from our first wheeling trip last weekend. This is a climb at Golden Mountain Park in Sparta,Tennessee. I was pleased with how the rig did.




Hopefully now that I've gotten my wife and little one out in the woods, we'll start going more often.

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