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Steering Issue


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My 88 has always pulled to the right since I bought it. I took it in this weekend and had an alignment done. It still pulls to the right. Other issues I have is hitting the brakes semi hard causes it to pull left and right. Hitting dips or potholes pulls it to the right , scary hard. Just wondering what I should be looking for. It is currently in my garage taking a 2 week vacation to get painted and replacing an alternator (thanks for making me walk in dress shoes) Tires are 31x10.50 if that matters. I noticed a bishing missing on the right control arm? I'm not sure what the components are, just guessing, the bolt with 4 bushings on it, small like skateboard bushings. I'll post pics later if need be.

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This guy right? It's a stabilizer arm, goes between both LCA but if you remove it there is hardly a difference, that might be the cause but I doubt it.


I would jack up the front and wiggly each wheel while looking at the steering components, everything should move together. Also get a friend in the drivers seat and do the same with the steering wheel. It could be a loose ball joint something that's making your wheel wander? Could be a couple different things. Your control are bushing could play a factor, check your lower compression rod bushings.


Otherwise I notice tire pressure makes a huge difference, my drivers front leaks a bit, when it gets 5 psi lower there is a pull, pulls harder when braking

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That's the part! Under the plate on the right side the bushing is missing, where on the left side it has a bushing. I will jack it up and take a shaky look at it, thanks. I was a bit concerned about the missing bushing. I don't want anything to snap at the wrong time.

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Yeah in that photo I'm holding the other bushing/spacer next to the complete side, my spacer slid all the way threw the bushing lol like I said it's next to useless... New bolts/bushing and washers is 10$ at napa


Make sure your lower compression rod bushing are good, that snaps, well lets hope your not on a hwy

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^ Yeah what he said, especially compression rod (aka tension rod, strut rod) bushings.


See this: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/32546-how-to-replace-strut-rod-bushings/


If these have never been replaced in the life of the vehicle there is a good chance they are bad.


Also, when it's jacked up make sure one brake isn't dragging more than the other.



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Thanks for linking that.After it's bath this morning I looked at everything real good. It appears most of the bushings etc I can see are all dry rotted/cracked. Time to figure out what those parts are and then get to replacing them. I'm sorry for my component ignorance but I am new to this. I am mechanical, growing up in a classic car restoration garage, but never anything off road. My wife has begged me to 'sell that rust bucket and get something newer'. I believe working on a continuous project is an educational experience though. It's 27 , has almost 300k miles on it. Of course it's needing attention. Good thing for my Pathy that I have Insomnia, OCD, and a garage thats a nagging wife free zone. Yea, I spend a lot of time in there.




And I was thinking the same thing about the brakes. Half a day off from work tomorrow, going to be very busy....

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