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How To: R50 Center Console Swap

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The R50 center console is definitelybetter laid out, along with more options, making the original look like anafter thought, especially in the cupholder department. I went ahead and changedshifter boots (definitely an improvement on road noise, engine noise is reduced100%)

I didn’t have the auto shifter from the R50, keeping my shifter, thus leaving agap. I filled in the gap with a leather shift boot wrapped around my autoshifter.

If you don’t want the gap, and still want to keep your old shifter, remove theshifter indicator (4 bolts on each corner) and add longer screws with nuts onthe end, it’ll lift it up however high you need it.

It will go from:







Let’s start.

You will need:


Drill bits (to drill holes for the e-brake)

Ratchet set, basic


Wiring connectors.



- Start by removing the two bolts in the front, along with the bolt under thee-brake handle (under the removable cover)

There are two more screws in the back, inside the arm rest.

Mine had a LOT of gunk and I ended up just yanking it out, with the littleclamps on the bottom of the screws. No damage done, but I wouldn’t recommend it.If I remember, all bolts were 10MM.

-Remove all your switches, taking care to NOT unplug them. Especiallythe fog light switch.

-With the center console pulled out, continue to prepare the R50 console.

-Place it in and make marks where the seat belts are, making a cut in theplastic (I made a 2X2 square)

I would give the exact measurements, but considering its rounded at the back,you can decide where the best fit is. J

-The E-brake will need to be moved 2” inches to the driver side. The R50e-brake opening is closer to the driver side. I fixed this by plugging theholes and drilling two more holes to re-mount the E-brake.


*I also had to cut the bottom section out of where the ashtray mounts, as it made the console stick up too far (Its so deep because of amounting point, I removed it to sit flush.*

*You will need to trim some of the corner of where the bottom left of the autoshifter meets the console (if you stuck with the WD21 shifter)*

*If you are doing the auto shifter swap, do so now.*

*If you are doing the 4X4 boot swap, do so now.*

**The 4X4 shifter handle just twists off…**


-Continue by tapping into the wiring of the existingcigarette lighter, running it under the carpet and into the connector for therear cigarette lighter on the R50 console.


-Seat the console in where you want it, making marks onwhere to drill the holes to mount it.

*I only mounted in two bolts in the front, as it sits so tight between theseats, I felt no need to bolt it in back there.*


-Mount your switches into the R50 console, making sure theyall snap in securely.

*My layout was: Fog light switch, Security switch, rear window release switch*


*There is a gap under the dash console, you CAN fill that in with whatever youlike, I left it open as I can now place my power supply splitter there out ofthe way…*

-If everything was successful, you nowhave a R50 console in your WD21 Pathfinder!

If you have any problems feel free to contact me, ill be glad to help!

I will say, this swap really goes well with the round dash WD21’s.

But hey, you have 4 new cupholders and a rear power supply!




I definitely recommend this swap. :)

I know pictures would be better than text, but I can always take some ifneeded.



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I will be pulling a console from a R50 this afternoon....Why not unplug the fog light switch?

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The foglight switch doesn't have a plug. It's three wires that plug in to the prongs on the back of the switch. Just make note of what wires plug in to what prongs. There are only three wires on the harness, but four prongs on the switch.

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Got mine from the JY Today. Dark Gray(blueish) is right on, 1994WD21, 1998R50.

Also got the R50 shifter and tunnel plate, as the R50 gear shifter is waaay farther over from the Transfer Lever, compared to the WD21. I have the console in the truck now for measurements, I will update with further pictures when I am further along

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The Infinity QX4 is the same, I have one in my 88 it was out of a 97

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