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UPDATE - The host suffered a "Catastrophic Hardware Failure" (*specifics not shared) on 01/13 and the "latest available" backup for the website and database were restored.  At this point they have been unable to recover any later versions of the database.

     We are going to give them another 72hrs to pull off a miracle and find something later than 05/21 before we fully move forward with normal forum operations.  Maybe we'll luck out, but to be perfectly honest, it's not looking good.

     It is still recommended that new members wait to register for the time being, as any new accounts created before our final decision on a path forward is made, may not exist once this is taken care of. This is also true for new topics, posts, status updates, profile & account changes, etc.


As always, we appreciate your patience as ask that you hold on just a little longer.

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*Updated: 01/17/2022 6:54PM PST

Vote for #3!


Mr. Jim run #3  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Where are we wheelin' for #3?

    • Manastash
    • Tahuya(#1 was held here)
    • Liberty
    • Walker Valley
    • Elbe
    • Tillimook
    • Evans Creek(#2 was held here)
    • Other

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With 12 votes tallied(I think there should be more), Im going to make a full board announcement in the Trail Runs/Evnets section.


Once that that thread is up, please keep all JimRun content there!


Thanks everyone who voted!!!!





*will a Mod please close the voting?*

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I see that we are going to Manastash this year. I don't think I have been there, but know there are some great areas around it, so it ought to be good. Sorry I have not been more involved in planning this, but I will definitely be there with bells on. I am hoping to have some majoy work done on my Pathfinder by Oct. 1st, so I will wait for the unveiling at the run. This will be out best year yet. Thank you again for putting this together guys. I hope we have a huge showing and no mishaps like broken windows, doors, etc. here. :) My winch bumper has been severy braced for it as compared to last year when it was basically hanging from one bracket. :)


I will be there rain or shine, snow or sleet. How many do we think are going at this point?






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Well, when I turn it over to Jim next year, he can choose to run it out there if thats what he wants. Maybe you eastcoasters should fire up your own event! Or, come to ours! You will have like, 6 months notice!


You are turning it over to me next year? You always do a great job planning these things. I wish you would stay on. If you need more help from me or other, please just let me know what I can do. I appreciate the great runs you plan and each year has gotten better than the last. I do apologize for not being more involved. I have had medical issues still this year with some big things going on with my back still. It has slowed me down quite allot as I try to get it resolved. Things are much improved now vs where I was even at last year's run (on allot of pain meds then). I look forward to seeing everyone each year. It is the very thing I wanted for NPORA years ago when it was just a baby. I always thought it would be great to have annual events. I think it would be cool to have a serious meet where we can hire a band, have bon fires, competitions, truck show, how to classes, swap meets, all one day. My brother has some land at Big Lake and he has a Farm in Snohomish. Maybe we could see something like that rollout in 2012. Big Lake is just across the street literally from Walker Valley. So, how is that for some visionary ideas? Now, we just need a little money to start falling from the skies. I will go outside and wait....

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