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Dead Fuel and temp gauges

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I have a thread (http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/41107-voltmeter-and-water-temp-gauge-cut-out-and-turn-signal-problem/) re a similar problem and was directed to this thread.


I haven't used my fuel gauge for years (after market sender in custom tank) but just recently the voltmeter and temp gauge gave out at the same time. I'm assuming the VR failing would also result in the Voltmeter going down, but there's no mention of the voltmeter in this thread?


Can anyone confirm if the faulty VR will also take down the voltmeter?


Also, in my other thread, I lost the turn signals at the same time (the hazards still work, but no individual left or right turn signals) and wondering if that is related to this, or the the turn signals going bad is just me having a really bad day electrically?


Thanks in advance for any help. I figured before I start taking things apart, is to try and be as informed about the cause of the problem before tearing into things.

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For anyone else out there like myself who are trying to fix this in 2019, the part number referenced in "solution2.pdf" "KA7808" is obsolete. The functional equivalent is now UA7808CKCS. On Mouser here: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Texas-Instruments/UA7808CKCS?qs=JD1fk4stihZrIzHFneE4ug%3D%3D



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