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Beginner Trails For Stock R50 (Bc)

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hey guys,


I've searched but didn't find to much. I'm hoping to take our stock 99.5 Pathfinder offroading, not serious technical trails obviously, something pretty mild where I can still have fun and get the truck dirty. I don't mind a drive but don't want to go to far. I was thinking stave lake, but I'm not sure where the trails are and what the difficulty would be like. I'll be looking to purchase a backroads map soon, just wondering where to get one. Anyways, I've read the beginners tips for prepping your vehicle for trail use. All tips will be greatly appreciated. I'm located in Southeast Vancouver, willing to travel a bit though...


Thanks, Brendan

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i can't tell you where there's trails, but what i do if i'm bored and just want to drive around, i just look for dirt roads and take em and remember what turns and such i took so i can turn around if i need. its way more fun than a map personally. if it gets to rough for me to go at it without anyone knowing where i am i just turn around.

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If you live in Vancouver then you are basically in the middle of the 2 wheeling areas of the lower mainland. You can either head up to Squamish or you can head out to Mission and Chilliwack. If you go up to Squamish you can run some trails around Squamish Valley Road/Paradise Valley Road.


From Highway 99, north of Brackendale, exit left at the Squamish Valley Road (opposite Alice Lake). Follow it 2.5km and over the train tracks to the main fork for Squamish Valley (left) and Paradise Valley (right).


If you head east out into the valley you can try up around Stave lake but it is a very busy place. Head East on Dewdney Trunk Road until you come to Stave Lake Powerhouse, turn left up the gravel road (Burma road I think-on the west side of the lake). Follow this road for 5km or so and you will come to a fork, you can go left up the mountains or right onto the Stave Lake mud flats.


You can also try out in Chilliwack at Vedder mountain or around Chipmunk Creek. Head east on Hwy 1 and follow the signs to Cultas Lake. After passing through the town of Yarrow you can turn onto the Cultas Lake road and go a few km and you will see a turnoff to the right just before you get into town, this goes up Vedder mountain. Careful cause there's lots of mountain bikers and dirt bikers around there.

If you want to go to Chipmunk Creek/Mt. Thurston area you would pass the Cultas exit and cross the little bridge and then turn right onto Chilliwack Lake Road. You can follow this road for a while (like 20km) and you will see signs to turn left to go onto Chipmunk Creek FSR and others.


I spend a lot of time around Chehalis Lake and Cultas Lake. Head east on Lougheed past Mission and Deroche and you will come to "Sasquatch Pub" - turn left. You'll see signs for Hemlock Mountain ski resort at this turn too. Almost immediately you come to a 4 way stop. Turn left and you will be taken towards Chehalis Lake. Go straight and you pas the Hemlock road turn-off and will eventually come to the beginning of Harrison West FSR. Lots to explore around there. There was a big landslide near the north end of Chehalis lake so you can't pass by this now but you use to be able to go all the way up the west side of Chehalis and then turn right and head east down to the Harrison West Road.


If you're not already familiar with BC4x4.com check out their board and click on "trail talk" to see what people are talking about for trail conditions etc. Also, they have organized trail runs that you could go on with them to learn a bit about the area. It's usually listed under upcoming events:




You will read about Eagle Ridge, which is close by in Coquitlam, but if your truck is stock there isn't much for you to do there..



These are just some suggestions off the top of my head. Good luck. Have fun. Oh, and get a back road map book for this area so you can have a look just to get familiar with the names of locations that people refer to, it'll help. You can get a book at Canadian Tire and elsewhere.

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Know this is from years ago but if your looking for good wheeling theres alot down in NW Washington.. Feel free to pm me and i can hook you up with some info

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