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First Annual MrJim Run

Mr. Pickles

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Just got home.... Long drive but totally worth it. Only touched my rocker panel once... and I'm never following a Jeep into the thick brush again :tongue: I have a few days of buffing to do. All kidding aside, was great meeting everyone and good luck Jim. Hope to see you all next time!

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good to see mrjim wheeling again. Hope youre ex is seeing these jim. Just to rub it in. Now you will have to bring it to australia and dodge some roo's instead of patting them.....lol. But all the best. Dont let it out of youre site now. Good to see the guys all pull togather for the effort. Congrats

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Okay, what a great day today was!!! First, my Pathfinder looked and ran amazing. I was speechless when I saw it come into the parking lot and hear that familiar roar of its engine. I can't believe what a great job the guys did on it. The paint looked like new and so did the interior. The guys added a nice CB radio for the trail chatter, along with an antenna, as well as a PA speaker. They also installed a nice stereo too. They covered so many small details to make it just right and it was just right.


It felt like home to climb into the drivers seat and I could not wait to get on the trails again. I confess that it took me an hour or so to feel comfortable enough in it again to start cutting loose a bit. The trail was really dry and we were all disappointed in that, but atleast it made the cleanup easier at the end of the day.


We had a great time though and had our hands full with a number of challenging hill climbs. The Cherokee really gave us a run for our money all day long. Damn him. :) He set the bar high with his lifted, locked, winched Jeep, but he was also sure to rib us hourly (in fun) about how Jeeps are superior to our Pathfinders. We ribbed right back too though pointing out how his unibody "car" was not a real truck without a frame.


We had lunch in the waterless mud pits posed on every high rock or mound we could find. The Jeep ended up going into a really severe rock pit hillside and he had a hell of a time getting out again. The whole Pathfinder crew helped by placing rocks under tires and spotting him until he was free. Gutsy move though with no sliders on his rig.


It was a blast (water or not) and we got allot of photos and videos. I hope to see a few videos shot of my rig posted soon. I have lots of photos and footage to post, but probably won't get to all of it tonight. I will add some photos though. Hope you enjoy them. By the way, thank you everyone for this amazing gift. Words cannot say how deeply I am moved by the generosity and good will of all of you who helped to make today possible...


Click here to see my photos from today

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:aok: Great to see you back up and running MrJim, oh and Jim too :D


Derek's easy to spot in his custom shirts.

Holy crap....There's a face shot of the elusive RedPath88....That's like getting a pic of Sasquatch :lol:

Joke man :beer:


I think I need to save for the MrJim rally 2011 :bounce:

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Awesome. I'm really glad to see that truck with it's rightful owner. Congrats Jim! And to everyone who put in the effort to be there, donate parts, and work on the truck, getting it ready, my hat's off to you! :aok:

Edited by Simon
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Derek's easy to spot in his custom shirts.

Holy crap....There's a face shot of the elusive RedPath88....That's like getting a pic of Sasquatch :lol:

Now now, we know what GG looks like. :D Now we've seen the vampire too! :D


Who all attended?? Nice to see someone representing the R50's for us. :aok:


Looks like a great day, and MrJim looks great -- nice work guys! Congrats, Jim, on the reunion!

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I think I need to save for the MrJim rally 2011 :bounce:

This was talked about in great detail. I think it was agreed that either the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October will now be know as the MrJim Run Weekend. Will we do it again next year? Absolutly!!! Is a years notice enough for anyone who is a bit further away?


Who all attended?? Nice to see someone representing the R50's for us. :aok:


Looks like a great day, and MrJim looks great -- nice work guys! Congrats, Jim, on the reunion!

Lets see if I remember everyone....




Mr. Pickles





The toyevy(I cant remember his name)

Dan(another pathfinder we met on the trail, and will probably be a new member soon)

Shane (jeep cherokee)

We all had family and friends riding with us.


I think thats it, but I will double check. I was a great day. We had a few interesting moments, but was easily worked out.

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It was a good day. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Some of us took some minor damage but everyone drove out and they did so uninjured :aok:


Jim's truck ran great. As Derek pointed out at the end of the day, it was still not 100 percent on the drive up but had been showing improvement every time we or I took it out and drove it. Jim said it performed great which not only is what matters most, but is also a far cry from the hard start and rough idle in the yard, to the eventual non=start after we got it to Derek's. :aok:


As other said, it was way to dry, "Mud Lake" was bone dry, if you look up the Tahuya run form a few years ago I believe there are shots of 87pathy, MudBathFinder and/or packie88 going through the mud hole that is normally there.

I wish I had video running when Jim pulled up to his resting spot for lunch at Mud Lake, he stopped just in time and was still the truck tipped quit a ways before deciding to remain upright. And again while leaving, because Jim caught a little are with the front end. This was just before the pick showing the front of Jim's truck, the back of Derek's and the Chevy 350 powered Toyota)


Next year? You bet! s said, a years notice should be enough to make plans for any one close and maybe even a few a bit further away :beer:


Here are some pics from the day (I have video but that will have to wait some)



Morning Meet in the Safeway parking lot:




On the way to Tahuya:



In the Trails:



(Last one is the new guy we picked up leaving mud lake)

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"Mud Lake" Posers:







I swear I took one of Derek's truck, but don't see it now :shrug:


End of the day:



Damage taken during run:



Along with what looked like some deep evergreen pinstriping





Derek's Steering poped whiling climbing a light hill, which he fixed there, then readjusted in a parking lot in Belfair on the way home.

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Mr Pickles:


I did not get a shot of the actual damage but he took a couple hits from the tree in that pic.




Attempted to follow th Shane (Cherokee) through a couple threes & over a rock, but the lowr part of the ARB kept hitting the rock, I just could not get the angle I needed to get between the threes, that resulted when I slid a little to the right on the rock.


Clipped a rock on a hill climb


Took that gong down te same hill that nailed my rim P...

Unfortunately not everyone was was there for those pics. Morningwould and his buddy with the chevota had left earlier as did Silverpath.


More Pics can bee found here: First Annual MrJim Run


Overall a good day, and glad to have met a few more members here... and as it looks, we may have added a member as well :aok:

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No real damage to mine! :) The truck was tilted far enough over that the tree hit right at the top of the door where the metal turns, so it took the impact surprisingly. Now that I cleaned it up, there's a slight scuff and I think I've *bent* the top of the door back enough for no worries. Thanks again Shane for the little tug out of that.


Note to self: don't do that. I took a different line farther over on the hill in 2wd trusting the locker to get me through, but I lost momentum at the top of the hill. I got it into 4low at that point, but the front end just slid out from under me and into that tree she went. Good times :togo:

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ill be there next year. and i think the mudhole of those pics that red is refering to is up at the mt rainer place (forgot the name), someone help me there

its good to see the truck back to the rightful owner as well

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