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Pathfinder Mileage POLL


How many miles are on your 1990-1995 Pathfinder?  

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  1. 1. How many miles are on your 1990-1995 Pathfinder?

    • 1-100,000 miles (just a baby)
    • 100,001-150,000 miles (break-in period)
    • 150,001-200,000 miles (broke in)
    • 200,001-250,000 miles (mature)
    • 250,001-300,000 miles (advanced in years/miles)
    • 300,001- up (pathy getting tired)

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2001 PF LE 4x4 Bayshore Blue 120k




I bought this with 84k. What have I done since?


1. Replaced all catalytic converters - $4k at Nissan dealer. That hurt.


All other repairs done at home:


2. Replace cat back exhaust with Bosal parts


3. Replaced all belts


4. Changed trans fluid 2x and added Lubeguard Red transmission additive. Fixed shudder at lock up.


5. Oil changes every 7k with Mobil1 5 / 30 ESP & Nissan filters.


6. Changed air filter 2x.


7. Changed plugs with Nissan plugs.


8. Changed headlight bulb 2x.


9. Replaced complete front axle assembly due to leaky boot.


10. Removed Nissan rubber door guards and running boards.


11. Replaced tires with stock size General AT2


12. Paint correction, numerous detailing type of things.


13. Replaced both differential fluids with Mobil 1 fluid.


14. Replaced front chrome grille surround with black one.




Next up, I have an appointment next month the get this rust fixed. $1600 estimate at local body shop:




After that, I'll be doing shocks, springs, and struts at home.


**sorry, can't find any pics without running boards. Just took them off.

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hey, anyone know anyone that has a path that has more than 300K miles? do they live that long and how long do they live, but anyway, hey jmcardamone how do you disconnect the sepdo exactly, i'm interested. pathy has too many miles for me i have 144000 miles


No one I know personally, but my mechanic said he worked on a 1995 Path (like mine) that had 600,000!! Mine has something over 270,000, but I can't be more specific - he has this thing where he sometimes doesn't clock miles if we're not going 40 mph or better, especially in really humid weather, which is all we get in Mississippi.

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I just bought my 95 XE with a five speed and it has 216k miles on the clock, it's running great!! :D

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I just picked up a 2001 SE 4x4 with 132,000 on it and no rust. Got out of a Suburban with 230,000.

I plan on driving it another 100k and then get a R51 unless I just fall in love with this one.


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Ive replaced the brake calipers, tires and alternator. Clutch, shocks, and everything else is factory.

Wait, you're serious?!?! I usually replace a clutch every 120k!!!

And factory shocks and struts??? Thing must roll down the road like a roller-coaster!

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No it actually drives fairly smooth. About 300,000 miles was highways and interstate. Im about to completely redo the whole truck. Im just not completely sure what I want to do to it yet.

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No way that there are factory suspension bits at 300k lol.

But if you are completely redoing it, I would look into BL, SL, rear disk upgrade, second battery for accessories, oil filter relocate, oil temp gauge, front end rebuild, poly bushings around, and re-undercoat.

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1995 SE 239,000 kms (give or take a gafinity). Well sort of, just replaced tranny and mechanic decided to plug in odometer. Engine runs great but could use a tune up ( plugs, injectors etc) Bought a 2012 Jeep Wrangler brand new and never really loved it like my Pathy (Pathy tranny issues).

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380,000 miles. Very proud of it. Got it for free. Just swapped the original engine after it finally let go and put in a 3.3. Very happy with it!

What year 3.3 did you put in? What type of swap did you do, 510?

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