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    1992 SE-V6 4X4 Charcoal Grey 5-speed loaded (minus leather and auto). Added: JVC stereo, Rancho 5000's, 2" class V hitch and custom made rack on the hitch, Warn Winch XD9000i on Warn push bar w/brush guards, home made wide roof bars for carring canoe. 325,000+ miles one owner! Retired from commuting 70mi/day rd. trip for weekends and good times, Geocaching, Hunting Camping, Hiking and exploring. She NEVER lets me down!
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    Prosperity, SC
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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  1. Cachefinder

    Pretty good gas mileage

    Yesterday I finished a 600 mile trip running 75-80mph where possible loaded with ~800lbs persons and gear, heavy steel cargo rack hanging off the back, heavy Warn winch and mount hanging on the front, and AC on the whole trip...got 20mpg. Truck has ~325,000 one owner miles.
  2. you get pounded lately by the storms like we had last night? Looked like the end of the world here in Irmo for a little while!

  3. Cachefinder

    cursed brake lights

    I'm back in the woods near Blacks Bridge off hwy 194. Getting ready to run up I26 to claim the kids in Pomaria, I usually take that exit to avoid the freeway and enjoy the country on 176...I'll toot my horn at ya on the fly-by! Michael
  4. Cachefinder

    cursed brake lights

    Irmo, SC...I'm just up the road in Prosperity/ work in Columbia. I have had the same problem recently and am waiting on a delivery from Nissan Parts Zone...Even cheaper but shipping would be a deal killer if you didn't need other stuff...As a temp fix I slapped in a couple of the cheap panel plugs...works like a charm. Note too that if you have a 5-speed, there is a similar bumper on the clutch pedal that can prevent your truck from starting...
  5. Cachefinder

    Swapping Cruise control from a 92

    Sorry I'm late to the party but you might just need to adjust the cable where it attaches to the TB pulley. You can easily identify a slack cable by sight or wiggle it a bit. While your in there you might as well check/adjust the throttle cable too. They stretch over time, that is nearly 20 years old...Old truck might feel new again!
  6. Cachefinder

    Fuel gauge questions

    I have the same problem on my 92. I did the voltage regulator fix and no change...Note that my temp gauge never was whacked out...I'm thinking sending unit but that is relatively expensive and I'll likely try to clean contacts and anything else I can find to try and fix what I have instead of dropping $$$ so the needle will read correctly instead of always being 1/4 tank low. Mine is very consistent so no real worries of running out of fuel...
  7. I live just down hill from the OP in South Carolina...been running 5W-30 for years (got my 92 SE new in 92) but I had some 10w-40 I needed to get rid of and it substantially quieted down/eliminated the valve-train chatter I had before. That is with ~323000 miles. I'll likely stick with that...since I got 20MPG on that first tank of gas.
  8. Cachefinder

    Broken hood latch

    if you go to a u-pull-it type yard, you can see what you are getting first hand... I'd call the stealer just because I like to know how much jack I just saved not buying it there... I would also like to think you would do fine with a NPORA member but you have to add shipping to overall cost then (at least I would since I am a lone dot on the map for South Carolina LOL! Hood pins...really?
  9. Cachefinder

    Safari Rack

    I'm pretty sure it is... Thanks for the additional pics, that really helps get a better idea of how you put it all together. I couldn't see if it had a bottom at all but that is slick...and I especially like the adapter brackets...I know you bought them but I think after seeing them they could be fabbed too.
  10. Cachefinder

    Safari Rack

    I really like that rack! Trenton163, can you post pics showing the view from the top and the lighting area better/closer... I see one similar in my future
  11. Cachefinder

    What other projects do you have?

    That is absolutely true for me...most days anyway. The days I have to do paid work with my body AND my brain number too few...
  12. Cachefinder

    What other projects do you have?

    My real toy...1998 Volvo V70 T5 - Obviously not stock Partial list of modifications...Turbo-Tuner,18T, custom 3" downpipe w/ Volvo 2.75" sport catback - both wrapped and coated, IPD RIP, IPD aluminum intercooler, IPD intake w/ K&N cone, R ex. manifold, , gasket matched & polished intake manifold w/ thermoblock spacer, n/a TB w/ 960 plate, Optima bluetop, MSD 6aD and blaster coil, IPD plug wires, modified upper and lower tranny mounts, IPD poly bushing, Koni FSD w/ Eibach springs, IPD sways 25mm x 25 mm, blue silicone vac, silicone coolant lines, custom intake tubes grill to turbo, skid plate, front lower brace, cherry turbo strut brace, HD endlinks, 302mm brakes, Zeitronix wide-band/data-logger,. In process: Home grown HD Endlinks, Meth/H2O injection, variable fpr, greens, catch can, fully built 2.3
  13. Cachefinder

    Another WTF is it question

    LOL, you guys are funny... I just searched for "black box" yesterday and found the answer to my (unrelated) question on the second page of the search results. Turns out my black box is the ABS controller...but now If I run across one of these little boogers, I'll already know what it is...
  14. Cachefinder

    Plug by computer under pass front seat..

    Not 100% sure with the pathy but with other cars I have it it is electrically disconnected it just makes the anti-lock portion of the brakes inoperable but otherwise they work fine, power and all. Likely no damage. Possibly some link between the ECU and ABS module but my guess would be its just to communicate ABS faults and trigger the ABS light...but this is speculation.
  15. Cachefinder

    Power Loss

    Really you need to see IF you need a new motor before you go down that road...I have 325000+ on mine and it is still strong. Start with that compression test, or even better a leakdown test. Then you need to look at many of the basic tune-up items that might, when failing, result in your symptoms. Many have already been mentioned. fuel system components, clogged injectors (sonic clean them for ~$20 each), ignition components- its amazing how new plugs/cap/rotor/wires will wake up a tired truck that is in need of ignition update. PCV valve, vacuum hoses on these old mules dryrot and cause all kinds of crazy symptoms. I wish I could find a decent silicone vacuum line kit for mine (or at least a shopping list for by the foot) LOL! As a band-aid you could try heavier weight oil to help with compression issues if you have them, but that will not work long term. But don't throw out the baby with the bath water...

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