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  1. ChiefBaldEagle

    Rubbing Tranny/Clutch when cold

    I have the same trouble. It started when I changed the fluid in the trans. It gets worse when it is cold. I put 80/90 in it - I don't know what the PO had in there but it looked like auto trans fluid (could have been a synthetic). Mine will also tend to creep forward when in neutral until I have driven it a little.
  2. ChiefBaldEagle

    Anybody Heard Of Mat Tracks?

    I installed something similar on a Kawasaki Mule a couple of years back. They need it to go through the swamps and marshes of Louisiana (they worked for and oilfield company. REALLY fun to play with! But down there no rocks so don't know about that, it would pull a stuck Ford F250 out of a mudhole, though. I did put it against a tree and it climbed up until it sat on the rear bumper! Fun toy!
  3. ChiefBaldEagle

    New Forum Game !

    Once upon a time a man who love bacon...fell in love with a pig. A few days later, he had the swine flu. Dying, he decided to travel the world. He drove until he found the mud.
  4. ChiefBaldEagle

    I'm alive!

    if anybody is on facebook look for Ed Held I posted 3 albums of the damage. My mother lives 4 blocks from the path of the tornado. They said that not only does a tornado sound like a freight train this one sounded like 10 about to run over you! I have lived thru Hurricanes, floods, blizzards, duststorms, etc. and the damage caused by this tornado was worse. The last hurricane I survived (Lili on the Louisiana coast) destroyed the little town I was in but it was mostly trees downed with a few small tornados wrecking one or two houses. I had two go thru my yard - one took out a storage shed and the other tried to take my front porch. This tornado was much larger and meaner. Hurricanes may be larger and cause more damage but at least you had some warning. I was watching news and they said that this storm COULD produce a tornado and you might want to start taking precautions. At the same time my mother had called me to tell me that the tornado sirens were going off and it was already on the ground. So much for accurate predictions.
  5. ChiefBaldEagle

    I'm alive!

    here is another pic of the tornado. At this point it was nearly 1/2 mile wide (hope the pic comes up)
  6. ChiefBaldEagle

    I'm alive!

    I don't know if anybody here was watching the news last thurs night but a EF3 tornado went through the town I live in at about 8 pm central. There are pictures all over the internet (I have a bunch) just google Mena Tornado photos. I am a member of the Masonic Lodge that was destroyed but luckily I was not at the building that night. The Eastern Star ladies (the ladies auxiliary of the Masons) were having a meeting and when the roof collapsed on them one of the ladies was crushed. We were lucky that there were so few deaths. There were only 3 deaths and about 30 injured. It was reported that the tornado was a 1/2 mile wide and traveled a little over 14 miles. They estimate over 200 homes destroyed, 200 with major damage and another 600 with damage. I didn't suffer any damage other than not having elec and internet for three days. The disaster relief was fantastic here. This is a small town (about 5700) and most of the people here were born and raised here so we all knew everybody. As soon as the tornado had passed there was a sea of flashlights from people checking on their neighbors, chainsaws buzzing to free trapped people and flashing lights everywhere. The emergency response teams here in town were out almost before the dust settled. The outpouring of volunteerism here was fantastic. There were disaster relief teams (from churches, civic organizations, private citizens) were from all over the region. I saw people and work crews from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri. When I went back out at daylight Fri morning there had to be 20 people at every house checking on people and making sure nobody else was trapped or any bodies were hidden. We have heard from Masonic Lodges as far away as Hawaii wanting to know what they could do. There were so many volunteers that they were asked to report to a central command for assignments so that they could be rotated out to relieve the tired ones. This whole town looked like a kicked over ant-hill. Like my wife put it: "I don't think this is Kansas Toto"
  7. ChiefBaldEagle

    What's in your ash tray?

    I've got ashes and butts (I seem to be in the minority) but since I smoke and refuse to litter I actually use the ash tray for its intended purpose. All of the rest of my junk goes in the center console, cubby hole, floor, back seat, etc. That is why my wife calls it my "little Red wagon". She says I am like a little boy pulling a wagon around - there is no telling what I will have in it.
  8. ChiefBaldEagle

    91 SE Project.

    good job Navy! That sounds just like my story. I bought a 93se for $600. Had thrown a rod through the side of the block so had to put in new engine (the PO had gotten it stuck in the mud and apparently put a brick on the gas pedal until it blew). My locks don't work (sound like same plastic clips), dome light won't go off unless switched off, dash light intermittent (thats the H/L switch I just wriggle it and they work) had to add radio (get an adaptor from WallyWorld). Interior was full of mud, door panels covered with cig burns, etc, etc. 3-32x11.5, 1-31x10.5 At least you have salvage yards close to you. I live in Podunk, Arkansas now (I used to live on the Front Range - still have two boys there) and my nearest yard is an hour away. And they have very little. I guess Pathys weren't real popular around here like they were in CO. good luck and keep us informed on progress.
  9. ChiefBaldEagle

    Hello From Louisiana

    Welcome Trent! good to see you finally came around to the dark side with the rest of us! I live about 3 hrs north of you in Arkansas. Let me know if you are in this area, I can't offer you any good tips (I have a 93SE) but maybe we could get a run together. There is a group out of Texas that comes this way occasionally.
  10. ChiefBaldEagle

    I need your vote!

    SHE WON!! SHE WON!! :jig: Thanks to everybody for voting! it was a close contest but all of you votes put her over the top. She doesn't win much more than bragging rights but all of the exposure helps her sell her art. Party at my house tonight! and you are all invited! If you are interested in her art you can check out her blog, she posts everything there (http://wildwoodsartstudio.blogspot.com/) before it goes on e-bay. We also have a blog about my puppies (someone here said that they weren't puppies they were beasts!) http://ouachitamalamutes.googlepages.com/ Thanks again for all your votes!
  11. ChiefBaldEagle

    Removing the front diffrential

    I used a Chilton's the first time and I didn't read carefully. here's a quote: "6. Loosen all the emgine mount bolts, position another floor jack under the engine and raise it just enough to release the pressure on the mounts" Just as a side note take a pick and clean all of the mud out of the recesses where the carrier nuts are (you would be surprised how much is in there) I thought I had stripped the nuts off until I cleaned all of the mud out and discovered I was only twisting on about the top third of the nut. Cleaned it all out and had plenty of grip (still busted a knuckle when it broke loose)
  12. ChiefBaldEagle

    I need your vote!

    This is about as off-topic as I could get. My wife is in an art contest online and is in the top picks for People's choice! She needs your vote! The contest is running real close so every vote counts. She has the entry "Absinthe - makes the Heart grow fonder" Voting is only open for the rest of today so help me out and vote for my wife (you married guys know what I mean). Thanks again http://www.dabbled.org/ (it is about half way down the page)
  13. ChiefBaldEagle

    Dog on board?

    mine if Full of Alaskan Malamutes. Just say "load up" and get out of the way. I can relate to the hair thing. With my dogs there oare only two seasons: hair and mud (and usually some combination of both)
  14. ChiefBaldEagle

    Removing the front diffrential

    engine has to be lifted slightly, front diff mt brkts have to be removed also. I managed to get the x-member bolts out when I had it tilted down. BE CAREFUL! when it comes out it will do so in a hurry. I used a 4wheeler jack under it to catch it. keep fingers out from under anything that will hurt. It will fall when it gets loose.
  15. ChiefBaldEagle

    Sounds like I ran over R2-D2

    anybody figure this out yet? Mine does it when I am over half throttle and over 3k rpm. I had put a used engine in my rig when I bought it so I have been babying it (easy on the throttle, shift early, etc.) till I was sure everything was good then I started running the Revs up. Thats when R2D2 showed up. I started looking for X-wings.

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