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    94 Nissan Pathfinder XE, power everything, 112,000 miles. Smells like a shoe, i love it. My first car.
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  1. Fujima or something makes a pathfinder model kit. It has 33s and everything. Search it out, I know it exists, we used to sell it at the hobby shop I used to work at.
  2. Duffman

    Car Fax

    Eh, its just because its from a kinda shady looking used car dealer. I just wanted to make shure not serious wrecks. And yes, I know its not a Nissan.
  3. Were you there when that exact Carrera GT blew its tranny all over the road? Uhg, talk about a bad day.
  4. Duffman

    Car Fax

    Anyone have a subscription? Im looking at a GSR for autox and trackday. Big trips to pullman and the likes.... JH4DC2384WS001900 It would be appreciated!
  5. Id stick with 32's, and yes, an angle grinder rocks socks for trimming fenders.
  6. Dead on. It might be cool for all us 100 pathy lovers but not the 5,000,000 other people looking to buy a new car.
  7. Doubt it, exaust is hot, but not enough to melt aluminum.
  8. Sorry about not contacting you man, I got caught up with my own truck (surface rust on the frame). Im glad to see its all fixed up, great job.
  9. You can try using dryer tubing (lined aluminum hose i belive) for exaust vent. Congrats btw.
  10. http://www.purenissan.com/wd21_steering.htm I AM THE JUGGANAUT BIIITCH
  11. I like mine, expensive, but well worth it IMO, when you hold that link up the first time and it weighs like 25lbs, You know its solid as all hell.
  12. at 228, I would wish her the best and move on. shes done her duty and then some....
  13. Still too early to tell for me. Work is kinda hectic right now.

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